Flexible Office Space Available @ Double Utrecht Coworking Space

Do you want to work in our office in downtown Utrecht? Leave us an email and we will invite you as soon as possible to give you a tour.

The story

It all started with us, a few young technical entrepreneurs facilitating ad hoc office spaces wherever we could. Nothing fancy, just a quick solution to keep working on our impressive plans. While our businesses were growing rapidly, we started to see the added value to coworking spaces. We have an innovative vision on work environments, start-ups and the international infrastructure of the internet. As we are ready to share our experiences with other young enthusiastic visionaries, we created a functional yet personal office space in a picturesque alley in the city centre of Utrecht; Double Utrecht.

Double Utrecht facilitates and integrates work into your personal lifestyle. At Double Utrecht you can explore, share and manifest your own ideas and solutions about social life, leisure and business; a lifestyle in which your private life and working life blend together in a beneficial way. You can become part of this place and community individually, with your own team or together with other teams.


Double Utrecht is located in the middle of a culinair street with an interesting diversity in restaurants. You can park your bike for free in the Vredenburg City Bike parking and walk to the Central Station in 5 minutes. The building exists out of two floors, with a game room, meeting rooms and a lot of desks to share. Please feel free to stop by during office hours or Friday afternoon to talk about coworking, your ideas and vision. You are welcome to see for yourself if Double Utrecht is the perfect location for your business.

Double Utrecht Coworking Space
Drieharingstraat 6-2
3511 BJ Utrecht

Email: info@doubleutrecht.nl